Volkswagen Jetta Alternator Replacement

Volkswagen Jetta

How to replace the alternator on a Volkswagen Jetta

Paly Auto 2013, how to remove and replace the alternator on a 2004 VW Jetta.
thanks a lot guys. this helped me out a lot. car started right up after the
replacement and works great now.

2004 Jetta TDI BEW Alternator Replace
removing and replacing a 2004 jetta tdi bew engine bosch 120 amp
alternator, all done easy from the top. took about 1hr from
start to finish.
tools needed

How to replace the thermostat or alternator on a VW Jetta 1.8 turbo

Amazon sells the ECT sensor, if you haven’t done yours by 100K miles NOW
would be a good time to do it while you’re doing the thermostat.

“Great video, thanks for sharing! I love my VW it’s
honestly one of the best cars I have ever owned”