Mitsubishi Galant Alternator replacement

How to replace the Alternator on a Mitsubishi Galant

How to change an alternator on a 2007 Mitsubishi Galant.
How to locate the tensioner pulley.
“Dude this was great.. Thanks…You can also put a pin in the bottom
holes after they line up to hold the tensioner in that released
state..easier installation.. The holes are on the bottom of the

Replacing the Alternator on my 1996 Mitsubishi Galant
“Just to clarify Mitsubishi was not owned by Chrysler. It was a joint
venture between the two companies called DSM Diamond Star Motors.
Diamond for Mitsubishi and Star for Chrysler. The Eclipse Talon
Laser and a few other cars were produced during this time but
the 7th generation Galant was never produced under any other
name than Mitsubishi. It was made in America for the most part
but in 94 a some were made in Japan and some in America. If
made in japan the vin# will start with J”