Kia Sedona Starter Replacement

Kia Sedona

How to Replace the Starter on a Kia Sedona
I’m not auto savy but at least you’ll have an idea and you CAN fix this yourself.
2006 Kia Sedona LX: Same instructions apply, except for the heat shield on the starter. There are four 10mm bolts holding it in place, and you have to remove it first and pull it out the same way as you describe removing the starter. Great video, it doesn’t make sense at first when you are watching it, until you get under the car and you can see exactly what you talking about with your own eyes. If it wasn’t for your video, I don’t think I could have located the starter and bolts myself. Both were 14mm for me, i tried 15mm for the top bolt first but it was too loose. Also, you can do this with the battery and radiator hoses in place.

for a 2005 Kia Sedona EX also. The exceptions are: No shroud to remove, no need to remove the radiator hoses. Will “want” to remove the air cleaner/filter housing because it is easy to remove and much more convenient to get to the top bolt. Also the starter bolts are both 14mm. (will need a deep well for the top one.. extension is too long and shallow socket too short). Same steps: The starter is in the same location, will need to undo the oxy sensor and do the twist method to put back on. The Friend for the top nut is a MUST.. Oh what a pain the buttski. Thank you for making video, it was very helpful.