Honda Accord Alternator Replacement

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How to replace the alternator on a Honda Accord

Thanks for watching! Please rate, comment & subscribe. This is how to check the battery and charging system, as well as replace the alternator on a 2004 Honda Accord EX 4 cylinder. If you do it yourself you can save money. How-to DIY electrical diagnosis.

Here I show how to replace your alternator in your Honda Accord.
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How To Install Replace Change Alternator Honda Accord V6 95-97
1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken or bad alternator. This video is applicable to 1994-1997 V6 Honda Accord models.


Crank and start your Honda and turn on your multimeter and select Volts DC mode on it.

Probe the positive battery terminal with the RED multimeter test lead. With the BLACK multimeter Lead, probe the negative battery terminal on your Honda’s Battery.

Your multimeter is gonna’ register one of two possible readings and they are:

1.) A steady 13.5 to 14.5 Volts DC.

2.) Or 12.5 Volts that will decrease the longer the engine stays running.

Now, the next step will put an electrical load on the alternator and will further confirm that it’s either charging or not.

You need to turn every accessory possible inside the vehicle. Turn on the A/C or Heater on high, turn on the Windshield Wipers, turn on the Headlights, turn on everything and anything that uses electricity inside and outside of the vehicle.

As you’re turning On all this stuff, keep your eyes on your multimeter’s voltage reading. Here’s what is going to happen, you’ll one of the two following results…

1.) The multimeter will register a nice and steady 13.5 to 14.5 Volts DC no matter what gets turned on or…

2.) It will register 12.5 V DC and this voltage will decrease more and more as you turn on stuff inside your Honda vehicle.

OK, let’s interpret your multimeter test results:

Take a look at the following test interpretations to find out which one best fits your multimeter test results:

CASE 1: If your multimeter registered 13.5 to 14.5 Volts. This is good and it tells you that the alternator is working and is charging the battery and providing enough juice for the electrical needs of your Honda Accord, or Odyssey or Prelude.

No further testing is required, since this multimeter test result eliminates the alternator on your Honda as BAD.

CASE 2: If your multimeter registered a voltage that steadily dropped down to 9 Volts: This is a clear indication that your Honda’s alternator IS NOT charging the battery.

Excellent explanation on how to check the battery
and charging system as well as replacing the

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