Ford Mustang Front Brake Pads Replacement

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How To Replace The Front Brake Pads on a Ford Mustang

Front brake pads and rotors change on an 87-93 Mustang
Front brake pads and rotors change on an 87-93 Mustang
This is the same as the last video, but we re-filmed it with better equipment
due to audio problems with the old video.

How To Replace Rear Brake Pads & Rotor – Ford Mustang (’94 – ’04)

This is a step by step instructional video on how to replace the rear brake pads &
rotor on a SN95 (’94 – ’98) and New Edge (’99 – ’04) Ford Mustang with basic hand
tools. It may also apply to other Ford models that use screw/twist in style rear
brake calipers.

I show many tips & tricks to make this job quick, easy & painless. Including
(but not limited to) the factory torque specs, methods to diagnose uneven pad
wear and replacement part numbers for commonly damaged/missing/broken parts. I
also show two different methods to compress the rear caliper piston, which is
a screw in/twist in style caliper. It should take you about a half hour to
an hour per side if you take your time.

Rear Brake Caliper Pin & Bolt Kit: DORMAN Part # HW14082
Rear Disc Brake Hardware Kit: DORMAN Part # HW5618
Rear Caliper Repair Kit: DORMAN Part # D352823
Disc Brake Tool Set: OEM Part # 27111
3/8″ Drive Disc Brake Piston Cube: OTC Part # 4589

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Mustang Brake Rotors and Pads Installation 2005-2014

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Power Slot rotors are finished in a durable black e-coat on the hat, edges and internal vanes to prevent corrosion. Power Slot’s exclusive Vac-U-Slots are machined into the rotor and help evacuate gasses and dust, shed heat, and keep the brake pad surface clean. And in wet, raining conditions, it helps push water off the braking surface for better stopping power.

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Hawk Performance’s HPS (High Performance Street) Mustang disc brake pads are world renowned for increasing stopping power on your street legal Mustang. Increasing the performance of your Mustang’s braking system is easy when you choose Hawk Performance’s HPS braking compound. This unique Ferro-Carbon formula was developed for street performance using the safety and quality of aerospace and motorsports severe-duty friction technology.

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