Mazda 6 Alternator Replacement

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How To Replace the Alternator on a Mazda 6

Alternator replacement 2003 Mazda 6 2.3L Install Remove Replace how to change

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Remplacement de l’alternateur / Alternator replacement Mazda 6 V6 2006
This is a how to change the alternator on a Mazda6 V6 2006.

The video is in french, close caption in english will follow.

For TLDW ( Too Long Didn’t Watched ) : Once you’ve unscrewed the alternator, remove the right drive axle and unscrew the lower fork of the suspension and the alternator will pass in this place. It’s tight, you have to turn it someway so that it will pass. Look at 2:42 you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Give yourself at least 3h to do the job if you’re an experience mecanics, an 4 to 5h if not.

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Tutoriel sur comment changer l’alternateur sur une Mazda 6 V6 2006.

Si vous êtes un mécanicien expérimenté, donnez vous 3h, sinon prévoyez 4h à 5h.

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