Volkswagen Beetle Alternator Replacement

How to replace the alternator on a Volkswagen Beetle

2002 volkswagon beetle alternator
Check your fuse box. After replacing the alternator, the fuse box was the problem. The alternator wire harness connecting to the fuse box fried the box. I had to eventually replace the alternator wire harness, which has since, (crossed fingers), solved the problem. Of course, the wire harness connects to the alternator and to the fuse box, located above your battery. As was explained to me. The wire harness over time breaks down? And the current increases, sending too much current to your fuse box melting it. I don’t really have a conclusive answer, but replacing the wire harness solved my problem so far…

TDI VW Beetle alternator replacement
Some helpful tips for replacing a very intimidating alternator on a 2000 TDI Beetle. You will swear it will NOT come out, it is very tight, take your time. It took me 4-5 hours to do this job with a lift. Removing the bumper and radiator takes an additional 4-5 hours.The Beetle with the 2.0 gas or 1.8T gas engine is MUCH easier. Just the TDI Beetle is ultra tight.