Mazda Miata Front Brake Pads Replacement

Mazda Miata

How to Replace The Front Brake Pads on a Mazda Miata

How To Change Brake Rotors and Pads, 1994 Spec Miata (1990-2004)
After several days at the track, the pads (Carbotech XP-10) had worn down to less than 0.125 inches and it was time to change them. The rotors were old so decided to change them too. Ordered them from Installation only takes 15 minutes per wheel if you have everything ready. At the end of the procedure, make sure you pump your brake pedal a couple of times before re-starting your car to ensure your brakes are back in action.

How to replace the front and rear brake pads and rotors on a Mazda Miata.

The car shown is the 1999 Beater Miata Project Car.

Torque specs:
-Front caliper bolts (M10 33-39 ft-lbs. M12 58-65 ft-lbs)
-Front caliper bracket bolts 36-51 ft-lbs

-Rear caliper bolt 25-29 ft-lbs
-Rear caliper bracket bolts 34-49 ft-lbs

I change the front brake pads in a Miata for the first time ever, and it shows….