Honda Odyssey Starter Replacement

Honda Odyssey

How to replace the Starter on a Honda Odyssey

How To Replace a Starter 2006 Honda Odyssey by EricTheCarGuy

In this video I replace the starter on a 2006 Honda Odyssey. It’s not that bad a job, you don’t even have to lift the vehicle. There are a few tips in this one you’ll find useful however, like the warnings about the radio and navigation codes. If you don’t have these a simple starter job can turn into a quite ride while using a fold up map to find out where you’re going. Just in case I also made a video on how to retrieve a navigation code should you not be able to find yours, link to that below. As always, I hope you find this information useful and entertaining
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Honda Odyssey 2004 starter and solenoid C replace

This video is to show how to replace a starter and solenoid C aka single linear solenoid. After replacing I got code po-798. The key to the replacement is getting the battery tray out.

“Dude, you are awesome. I just stayed up all night and got stuck on that battery tray bolt near the wheel. Thx”

2005 Honda Odyssey starter replace

12-23-2012. Wife’s van wouldn’t start. Went through the process of trying to figure out what it could be. Ended up being a bad starter. This job can be done with basic mechanic skills. Not a difficult job, just time consuming (2 to 4 hours). I had to use an impact wrench to take the 17mm bolts off that held the starter.

First major issue with the van up to 95k miles.

Hope this video helps someone out and it will be a good reference for me if I ever have to do this again.

“Great video my man…thank for making it!!! Helped me out”