Honda Civic Alternator Replacement

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How to replace the Alternator on a Honda Civic

How to replace an alternator. 89 Honda Civic

A quick and dirty video on replacing an alternator.Years 1991 to 2004

‘This is not the easiest alternator to remove. On some civics there is a plastic dust or rock shield on the bottom front of the engine bay that would have to be removed to drop the alternator down to the ground’

How to Replace Your Alternator 92-00 Honda Civic

In this video I show how to remove an alternator and install your new alternator for a 92-00 Honda Civic.

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2006 Honda Civic LX Alternator Replacement Tips and Tricks

This is by no means a tutorial or instructional video, this is simply a few videos about the experience I had while replacing my alternator. My intent for posting the video is to help anyone else who may also be replacing his or her alternator.

I didn’t intend on making a video of this process, so I just filmed what I could with the time I had. Sorry for the low quality, poor camera angles, and humorless commentary!!

Watch these videos first:

If you are experiencing dimming lights on your Honda Civic, the problem could be your voltage regulator. The voltage regulator is housed inside the alternator casing, so you must replace the entire alternator. ~$260 dollars at NAPA in December, 2014.

The lights (and everything else electrical) on this 2006 Honda Civic were pulsating bright and then dimming. This would happen randomly at different times of the day/week/month. Some days it wouldn’t happen at all, and other days the car would almost stall due to the malfunctioning voltage regulator.

Intermittent auto problems are difficult to diagnose for the average person, typically it’s best if the part just breaks, so you know what to replace. I spend months waiting for something to just break, and it never did. Eventually, my car stalled – in the rain…we only get rain a few days a year in San Diego…- so I had to do a little diagnostics.

I decided to follow the advice of Eric the Car Guy in this video on how to test the voltage regulator:
The fix for the dimming lights is to replace your alternator – specifically, the voltage regulator- but since Honda decided to put the voltage regulator inside the alternator housing, you’ll have to replace the whole alternator.

I considered disassembling the alternator and replacing just the faulty voltage regulator (because alternators aren’t cheap), but I could not find any for sale online, nor offline.

This is a fairly easy task. You will need to rent a tool from Autozone to loosen the hydraulic belt tensioner. You need to watch this video before you do that:
TOOLS: A complete socket set, because I don’t remember which size I used. You’ll need some various length socket extensions as well, short and long.

Autozone tool rental: ~30 bucks for the Serpentine Belt Tool Rental

You may also need a C-clamp, a hammer, about 1 foot of rope/cord/wire/bungee and some patience.

The replacement alternator I purchased did not have a working movable floating nut in the mount point. You’ll see what I mean in the video. I needed to adjust the spacing of the mount points on the new alternator before I installed it.

How to replace alternator Honda Civic. Years 1991 to 2004
very in-depth video