Ford Taurus Starter Replacement

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How to Replace the Starter On a Ford Taurus

These videos show how to change a starter
on a Ford Taurus

2003 Ford Taurus Starter Motor Replacement
Click the above link to find the Starter Motor for your vehicle. In this video we’ll show you how to replace the starter motor in a Ford Taurus.

Ford Taurus 3.0L 12v Starter Replacement & Failure Analysis

You can get great quality starter cheap shipped to your door Here-(check fitment)

In this video I go over how to replace a starter in a Ford Taurus 3.0L 12v. I also open up the starter to show just how and why they fail so often on this engine.

Ford Taurus Starter replacement
Replacing a starter on a 2000 Ford Taurus
3.0V6 OHV