Ford Escape Front Brake Pad Replacement

Ford Escape

How To Replace The Front Brake Pads on a Ford Escape

Today we are going to show how to change the front brake pads and rotor on a 2000-2006 Ford Escape.

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If your a do-it- yourselfer and you want to save some money by changing your own front brakes on a Ford Escape, here’s how to do it.

Decent video, but there’s no reason to take off the caliper mounting bracket if you aren’t replacing the rotors. It’s much easier to just remove the caliper from the bracket. The caliper bolts are only torqued to 35ft/lb iirc. The bolts you removed are 105ft/lbs. A home gamer without an impact gun might have a problem with those bolts. The caliper bolts do require a special tool though. A 9mm hex head socket. I suppose a 9mm hex key could work also. And re: your rotors you want to measure the discard thickness before deciding to reuse them. For this car it’s 24mm. I like that whizzer wheel resurfacing tool though!