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How To Replace The Alternator on a Ford Escape

An easier way to remove and install the alternator on a V6 ford escape and V6 mazda tribute.
Removing or installing the alternator in my V6 ford escape which is similar to the V6 Mazda tribute. This alternator job is one of those what in the world were they thinking kind of repairs, I am very disappointed with Ford for making what is normally an easy job, into a job from hell, indeed, what were they thinking? it is like it was done on purpose to cause you to give up and go to ford, the reason I posted this in the first place was because I searched every where I could to find an easy method, What I found was comments of frustration and disbelief about the location of this dam alternator, so when I found a way to bring it up between the engine and firewall it was easy peasy, a sigh of relief, and a faster way to change out this alternator. That was what motivated me to put up this video, I thought maybe someone else is facing the same situation and is feeling very uncomfortable about messing with CV joints, we all know how expensive they are to replace and if that boot gets damaged the results could be disastrous! So I say why mess with it when you can change this from the top? Just get a good pad to lay on the engine when bring up the alternator, that’s the way I did it, and had no problems at all.
Once you try it, you will see how really easy and fast this job can be, I hope you have success like I did.

Ford Escape Alternator Replacement Another Hint
Found 3.5 out of 4 videos out here to be helpful. Went with the “up and out” approach from the firewall as opposed to the “remove the cv shaft and midpipe” approach.

Ford Escape Alternator Remove & Replace “How to”
Thanks for putting together this video! For all who attempt this notoriously difficult alternator replacement, remember to set aside lots of extra time. I found it very challenging, many hidden bolts, tricky angles, and clumsy angles to pull along the firewall. The video lays it out well, so again, thanks for the tips. Estimates from two repair shops averaged $600, I spent $160 at Autozone and another $50 at Harbor Freight for some extra tools. Huge savings if you have the time and patience.

“I just replaced an alternator in a 2003 escape It took me 2 hrs and I had never replaced one on an escape before. The manual says to remove drive axle.( yeah right ,that wasnt going to happen).Here is how I did it and how I will do it every time from now on. Sorry no pics.
The vehicle is a 2003 escape 4×4
Remove right front tire and plastic splash shield
Remove serpentine belt
Remove upper intake manifold (this sounds way worse than it is I have done this before and I am familiar with the process so it took about 15 min. it may take you a couple mins more the first time but the payoff will be worth it believe me.) Dont forget to have a new gasket set ready about $8
Remove 2 bottom alt bolts 13mm (reach through the wheel well)
Remove 1 top alt bolt 13mm (reach over the top of the engine down the back of the firewall)
Now move the alt. so that you can disconnect the electrical connector and remove the battery cable mine was a 10 mm
Remove the alternator by bringing it up along the firewall. I got mine out by turning it so the pulley was facing the drivers side of the car. slowly and carefully move the alternator up and out, moving tubing and wires out of the way as needed
Replacement is the reverse just be careful when lowering the new alt back into place not to snag any hoses or wires
This was a pretty easy way to do this in comparison with how they want you to do it. Good luck”