Chevrolet Corvette Starter Replacement

Chevrolet Corvette Starter Replacement

How to replace the starter on a Chevrolet Corvette


Thanks for the video. About to do something similar on
my ’01 Z06 so this should help a lot!

1984 Corvette Starter Replace fairly easy job

Not a lot of room to work, lot of wiggling around and the starter is heavy, and bulky. AC DELCO from Eckler’s Corvette, with a lifetime warranty, no shims were needed on mine. This video is intended to share what I encountered when replacing the starter on my 1984 Corvette, not intended to be a how to video. My Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for someone attempting to work on their own car. I show work I have done on my 1984 Corvette only. All Corvettes are different, starting with the mileage and engine wear and tear, some have been modified, etc. Work at your own risk. Always refer to the Factory Service Manual and specifications when working on a 1984 Corvette especially. My videos are not intended to be HOW TO Videos just as a point of reference.