BMW 325i Starter Replacement

BMW 325i

How to replace the Starter on a BMW 325i

This was quite an involved process. I just completed the starter replacement on my 1998 BMW 328i, and thought I would pass along a few tips/ suggestions. 1) This job is best if attacked from the top! Yes, it does require removal of the intake manifold. 2) The inside starter bolt can be accessed from the top. (I used a 10mm combination wrench, with a pipe over the open end of the wrench for leverage.) 3) The outside starter bolt is best accessed from under the car, with an E12 Torx (3/8 drive), a swivel, and a 32″ extension. 4) If your car is equiped with ASC (traction control) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase a replacement Mass Air Flow Sensor Boot (Approximately $15.00 @ Advance Auto Parts.) * I suggest this because any leaks from cracks in the old boot will affect the vaccuum pressure, and generate a “check engine” light, and cause a rough or no idle situation. 5) Be extremely careful when removing the fuel rail. The clips are easy to drop and lose, and a dealer item to replace (EXPENSIVE) 6) I used an empty egg carton to store and segregate the various nuts, bolts and clips for the process. It makes life so much easier during reassembly. 7) Now is a good time to replace the air filter in the canister that must be removed to perform the starter replacement process. 8) If available, use a tablet or video camera to take various pictures during the removal process. There are several electrical connections and vaccuum lines that must be disconnected. 9) While you have the intake manifold out, it is a good time to replace any heater/ cooling hoses that are accessable. 10) Last, but most importantly, PATIENCE!!!!!! The entire job took me about 7 hours, mainly because I took the time to replace EVERY HOSE AND VACCUUM LINE whilt I had the car apart. 11) If you get frustrated, WALK AWAY FOR 15 OR 20 MINUTES!!!!!! Best of luck to all!

How to remove and replace a Starter Motor on a 2001 BMW 325Ci,
without removing manifolds, ducting, pipes and panels etc

My very first attempt at repairing anything substantial on a car.
Appologies for the shakey camera work (and broad scottish accent!)